FXBook account inconsistencies

In March of 2016 your FXbook account http://www.myfxbook.com/members/Hose80/tenfortyone/1059719 had a loss of (-2.53%) yet the results published on your website for the same month show a 6.9% positive result, is this a mistake on your website?

A: You would have seen mention in the book that I had a few accounts running at that time.  Actually I think it was from March 1st.  I started migrating over to the new account, then after a month or two determine I didn’t want to do so and migrated back.  So from March 1 to late June, I had two accounts.  For simplicity I focus on the account which I started trading the robots with (still use it today).  But during that period, I migrated gradually away then moved gradually back.  Too much detail for the book, but my website results depart a little from the myfxbook results during that period.  You should also note that my website result list robot trades only.  Sometimes there is little difference, but through some manual trading (some hedging, some opportunistic and some stupidity) the results will differ.  In the long term the net result is pretty much break even, but there have been weeks I have made more manually than with robots.  However once a year does not a system make, so the robots remain my bread and butter.