Scott HeywoodAs you may be aware, I’ve experienced rapid growth since setting out on my FX trading career. Part of my evolution involved authoring an e-book called The FX Robot Method to explain how I used robots to gain an advantage in trading.

As author of the book, and after a number of speaking engagements around the world, I’ve received many thousands of questions. I sincerely want to educate aspiring traders and help them learn from my successes and my mistakes. If you have read the book, you’ll understand my mindset and philosophy. You’ll also understand there is often no one single correct answer to any specific FX trading challenge, because every trader plans and reacts differently. 

Based on the volume of questions, others’ thirst for knowledge, and the most effective use of my available time, I decided to create a trading group. I can’t properly answer queries by email, or keep up with demand. The Trading Group allows me to interact with and educate a group of like-minded traders, so we can all learn from each other, and I can tell the Group everything about how I trade, with content tailored to members’ specific questions.  It offers a great opportunity to collaborate, learn and grow together.

Anywhere in the World

The group will address trading regulations, tactics, setup. configuration, psychology and more – relevant to USA and the rest of the world.

The Group is tailored to offer education and support globally, with content specifically addressing how to trade compliant with USA FIFO regulations, and how to trade the way I do no matter where in the world you’re located (see below regarding the Finch and Erizo robots).

Joining the group requires an upfront investment which will provide full access to the Group from the date you join for a period of 12 months.  I know already, from the questions received and material I am producing, we have a lot to learn and many worthwhile achievements ahead of us in the time we will have together!

What does the 10:41 Trading Group offer you, the trader?

  • Full access to the Trading Group for 12 months
  • Learn how I trade (US Traders included)
  • Your questions answered
  • Explanations of any changes to how I trade
  • Detailed instructions on MT4, Virtual Private Servers and more
  • “Erizo” Robot which I use to hedge and make extra profits
  • Scripts I use to make trading easier
  • Trade sizing and pair selection and how I do it

New Robot

Erizo is a new robot available to 10:41 Trading Group members. Partnered with the ever-popular Finch robot, Erizo allows members to trade the way I do, anywhere in the World. (also addresses US FIFO regulations)

Robots to Trade The Way I Do

One tool which will be available to all Group members is the robot Erizo, the new baby I’m very proud of.  As you may know, my original robot Plutus was inspired by Rob Booker’s Finch trading robot. I added key functionality to Finch allowing me to trade without stops, while retaining some protection.  

As Plutus = (Finch + Erizo), having access to Erizo allows anyone with Finch to trade the same way I do.  By accessing Erizo combined with Finch, you have all the trading methods I use to make money. By configuring the robots and your trading in this manner, you are able to trade in a manner compliant in your home country (whether US based or elsewhere in the world).  

US Forex tradersUS Traders are catered for with the new split functionality of my Plutus robot.  This means US traders will be able to run Rob Booker’s Finch robot and my new Erizo robot to trade the same way I do, compliant with the current FIFO regulations.

Traders elsewhere in the world, outside USA, can also follow my exact trading methods using the Finch + Erizo combination of robots (Finch is available from Rob Booker, and Erizo is available to all 10:41 Trading Group members.

Please view the video below for more details. 

If you think the Group will help you grow and evolve your FX trading activity, please visit the Join link below and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the Group!

Join 10:41 Trading Group

The following video provides an overview of the 10:41 Trading Group

10:41 Trading Group

What do you get from the 10:41 Trading Group