When I started trading Forex, I nominated the following milestones to justify my decision and track progress as I started to make consistent profits.  Shortly after I started with my live account I suffered some setbacks, the major one a Swiss Franc trade in January 2015.  I later recouped those losses and have been consistently profitable since June 2015.

MilestoneTarget dateAchieved date
Recoup all losses from FX account31 Aug 201519 Aug 2015
Build this account balance to $5,0007 Sep 20159 Sep 2015
Recoup losses from all FX trading7 Oct 201526 Sep 2015
Recoup FX education/setup expenses30 Nov 201525 Nov 2015
Consistently average $550/week profit18 Jan 201614 Dec 2015
Consistently average $1,100/week profit01 Feb 201608 Feb 2016
Consistently average $2,200/week profit29 Feb 201615 Feb 2016
Consistently average $4,400/week profit21 Mar 201615 Feb 2016
Consistently average $6,500/week profit01 May 201608 Jul 2016
Retire from day job and trade for a living30 Nov 201612 May 2016
Write a book about my robot trading system1 Nov 201631 Oct 2016