Details of noteworthy market events impacting weekly results, sorted the commencement date of each week listed below :

7 Nov 2016

US election week so robots were disabled until election result was clear.  I took a large loss on a price spike on GBPAUD.  This trade opened in September and was part of what was called Brexit 2 – supposedly the market realizing how much the GBP should be affected by Brexit.  I was long and the trade went against me, but it was still within the normal range of drawdown I tolerate when the GBP flashcrash hit on October 7. Such an event is not expected behavior, but is an example of what can happen and what you must be able to withstand as a trader.  My risk management measures allowed me to trade through it and come out the other side.  I sustained losses but the losses were about half of what that trade drew down at its worst.  In the wash up, I lost a bunch of money.  But note this – I traded 70 weeks in a row before this without a losing week.  I lost around 5.5 weeks of profit using recent averages.  Between the time the bad trade opened and when I closed it, my robots made more than enough to offset this week’s losses.  Most importantly, I’m still in the game for tomorrow!

4 Jul 2016

Abandoned trading based on swap

20 Jun 2016

Brexit vote no new robot trades

4 Apr 2016

Selected trades based on Swap

8 Feb 2016

Large capital increase

14 Dec 2015 – 4 Jan 2016

No trading

5 Oct 2015

Standardized on 17 pairs